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Our Experience

Our offices have experience working with former judges, attorneys advocates, and other experts in the variety of fields which allows your opportunity for success to be exponentially higher. We are proud to provide these services that are second to none at a reasonable price.


Our Approach

Personal Injury Cases in Denver Personal Injury Cases in Greeley Personal Injury Cases in Fort Collins

Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify results in successful dispute resolution.  

We also have established a successful network of attorneys who we can refer you too if settlement options are not in your best interest. 


Why Us?

We give you the time and guidance you deserve. Disputes require adept knowledge, patience, and strategic implementation. Our network of experts in several fields will insure that your dispute gets the attention needed to be resoloved accordingly.  We strive to establish prompt expedition on all our cases.

Services offered

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution


Variety of services such as personal injury claims, Insurance claims, garnishment of wages, and vendor disputes.  Contact our offices to see if we can assist in your dispute. 

Business Start up

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution


Implement your vision into reality.  

mobile manager service that can assist in scheduling on line appointments, bookings, and payments to allow your work productivity to increase.  Lear more by visiting Korgan Media.  Starting as low as $100 a month after initial business analysis for your company.

Record keeping

Personal injury or Dispute Resolution

Corporate Training


Detail accumulation is important to successful resolution.  Lear methods and concepts that will allow your records to be preserved for presentation that produce positive results.

Corporate Training

Athlete Recognition

Corporate Training


Generations change and with change presents the opportunity to equip, educate, and empower your workforce to understand the opportunity for growth in your business or industry.  We specialize in unique training sessions that are geared to motivate your team. 


Athlete Recognition

Athlete Recognition


Based on case by case analysis.  

Complete dispute resolution packages starting at $500 to $12,000.

Basic Business Start-Up Packages start as low as $500.  

Business Plus Packages include complete packages from beginning to end finalization enabling you to introduce your services to the world starting at $1,500.

Business Unlimited designates our offices to work directly with your business growth and development on a variety of platforms and 24/7 services.  Packages starting at $8,400 annually.  As low as $700 a month. 

Corporate Training:  Packages start as low as $700.  Discount with full day training packages.  

Hourly rates start at $150 up to $250 hour depending on case.

Athlete Recognition

Athlete Recognition

Athlete Recognition


Protecting athletes to maximize their platforms of influence.  Collegiate to professional athletes.  Protect your image as we develop a strategic plan to introduce the world to your hard work and determination.  


management services

Protect your image

Protection of your greatest asset is our main priority.  Your vision, brand, and strategic implementation is vital for your future success and longevity of your mission.

Areas of focus include management services in the following areas:

-campaign design-

-script writing-

-commercial creation-

-documentaries-short 3 minute films-

-audio/graphic/video content-

-merchandise creation from A-Z-

-contract creation-

-contract negotiation-

-model/actor/actresses/presentation and appearances-

 -music license contract creation.- You own your work now its time to explore the ability to create a plan to lease or sell your music for greater exposure-

-athlete recognition-image creation-media video integration and branding-

Set up a free consultation to see if our offices is the perfect fit for your mission.

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