Corporate Social Responsibility


We continue to give back to local communities through a variety of efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility. The definition of social responsibility is the obligation an organization's management team has towards the interests and welfare of the society or community that provides it with resources and environment to not only survive but flourish.  We offer corporate training to non profit entities based on a case by case scenario.  We encourage volunteer assistance for a variety of outreaches.  We offer discounted pricing on non profit organizations giving back to their communities on some of our services.  Learn more by contacting our offices.


Volunteer Opportunities

As we invest in our community we become stronger as a nation.  Contact our offices to see current outreaches we are actively involved with.


Our belief

Businesses who thrive and succeed are the result of their consumer's loyalty in the services offered.  We value our community, State, and Nation, and continue to give back to those organizations who are positively influencing our communities.  


OUR restoration syndicate (ORS)

ORS Purpose:


You can't row the boat along without oars.

Teamwork, cooperation, strength, and determination are just a few of the innate characteristics a community needs in order to steer itself forward. ORS is a community uplift program centered around the education, employment, & other essential elements citizens need to move foward toward their goals...  

ORS offerd services:

Korgan Consulting provides business infrastructure design, awareness, branding, and other key components to qualifying organizations needing assistance in business growth and development.

We provide discounted services to qualifying organizations who don't have the financial ability for such services.

Conferences designed to educate and empower self sustainability throughout the USA.  

Contact our offices for more information.  



Protect your image

Protection of your greatest asset is our main priority.  Your vision, brand, and strategic implementation is vital for your future success and longevity of your mission.

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Korgan Consulting is here to assist in all your management services.

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